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Service – an erotic story pt9



And with that Kelly lowered her face between Becky’s thighs and stuck her tongue into her pussy, slurping the juices that had again filled her from her excitement. Her own pussy hovered just inches above Becky’s face, her lips spread and her juices dripping off her huge distended clit. Becky just stared at Kelly’s pussy, her mouth open as Kelly’s tongue worked magic in her own pussy.

Then she was aware of John’s cock sticking in her face, the head of it nuzzling Kelly’s pussy lips. Becky stuck her tongue out and licked John’s cock as it lay across her mouth. John pulled back a bit and let the head of his cock slide into Becky’s mouth so that she could suck on him. Then he pulled it out and slid it up and down between Kelly’s spread pussy lips, wetting it on her juices and then letting Becky suck on it again, this time tasting Kelly’s pussy juices as she sucked on it.

Again John pulled his cock from her mouth, again sliding it up and down between his sister’s pussy lips, wetting it again. And suddenly Becky watched as John’s cock slid into Kelly’s pussy, totally disappearing as he fucked his sister. Becky gasped as she realized that John was fucking Kelly right in front of her nose. He stroked the full length of his cock in and out of Kelly’s pussy a few times before withdrawing it and letting Becky once again eagerly suck on his cock. When he pulled it from Becky’s mouth this time, she pulled Kelly’s hips down so that she could bury her face in Kelly’s pussy, licking and sucking with gusto as she ate pussy for the first time.

John watched as Becky sucked his sister’s pussy, her asshole staring at him invitingly. Pressing his cock again between his sister’s cheeks where Becky was busy sucking, he succeeded in sliding his cock once again deep into his sister’s pussy, stroking it two or three times before removing it so that Becky could once again glue her mouth to it and suck. John placed the head of his now well-lubricated cock against Kelly’s asshole, firmly pressing until her sphincter relaxed enough so that his cock could slide into her tight ass. While Becky continued to suck Kelly’s pussy, John began to fuck his sister in the ass for the first time, stroking strongly as Kelly moaned into Becky’s pussy where she herself was feasting.

John could not believe how exciting it was to be fucking his sister in the ass while her friend ate her pussy at the same time. He stroked and stroked, his balls churning harder and harder until he knew that he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Pulling his cock out of his sister’s ass, he directed the stream of cum onto her crack where it slid down into her pussy where Becky eagerly lapped it up, her face becoming covered in cum at the same time.

Finally he finished cumming and collapsed on the bed, totally spent. Then Kelly fell over and the three of them just lay there panting, totally spent from their exertions.

“God, I never knew anything could feel so good and be so much fun,” Becky sighed after a while.

“And you haven’t even been fucked yet,” Kelly said. “Wait until you have a nice hard cock deep inside of you, you’ll just love it.”

“You liked having a cock in your ass?” Becky asked.

“Oh, yes,” Kelly replied. “It’s strange at first, but when you get used to it, it’s unbelievable. I could cum just thinking of it.”

“But your brother….” Becky began.

“Has a marvelous cock, wouldn’t you say?” Kelly asked. “I figure I’m lucky. You don’t have a brother, do you?”

“No, I don’t,” Becky replied. “But if I did I’m sure I wouldn’t be having sex with him.”

“You don’t know what you’re saying,” Kelly laughed. “When the opportunity arises a good cock is a good cock. I’ll bet you’ll fuck your father when you find out how good it is.”

“I most certainly will not!” Becky exclaimed.

“Well, I sure will,” Kelly told her. “And I’ll love every minute of it too.”

“You’d fuck your father?” Becky asked, incredulous.

“Well, I guess so,” Kelly replied thoughtfully. “I hadn’t thought of that, I was thinking of fucking your father.”

“You wouldn’t. He wouldn’t,” Becky sputtered, sitting up.

“I sure would and I’ll bet he will too,” Kelly laughed. “But if John’s right you’ll see in the morning, won’t you?”

“I think I want to go to bed,” Becky said, feeling suddenly uncomfortable.

“Yeah, it is getting late,” Kelly agreed, getting to her feet. “Thanks, John, it was great.”

“I’ll say,” John agreed, staring at Becky as she got to her feet and stood by the side of the bed, her nipples hard and her pussy hair matted from the sucking it had enjoyed.

“Well, at least you could kiss each other good-night,” Kelly said, seeing them staring at each other.

Quickly getting to his feet, his cock dangling in front of him, John put a hand behind Becky’s head and bent to kiss her. When he felt her mouth open and her tongue slide out to duel with his, he let his other hand drop down between her legs where he slid a finger between her pussy lips and into her pussy. Becky sighed and pressed her pussy into John’s hand as he gently frigged her and rubbed her clit.

“Come on, let’s go,” Kelly said with a laugh, “or he’s going to fuck you right here and now. This won’t be our last time together, will it?”

“I sure hope not,” John said, letting Becky go and bringing his hand to his mouth where he sucked on his fingers.

“You can suck his cock in the morning,” Kelly laughed, pulling Becky by the hand as she hastily bent to retrieve her shirt.

John sighed as the door closed behind them, not believing how Kelly was changing their lives. He knew he just had to fuck Becky now, and he was pretty sure he was going to. Such were his thoughts as he drifted off to sleep.

“Come on, sleepyhead,” John was suddenly aware of hearing, pulling him from his erotic dream, “wake up. I’m going to take a shower and leave you and Becky to suck each other off,” Kelly continued. “But be quick, we don’t want to raise any suspicions today, and we have a show to catch, don’t we?”

“Uh, uh, yeah, sure, Kelly,” John replied, shaking the sleep from his head as he tried to integrate everything Kelly had just told him.

“I’ll be back in five minutes,” Kelly said, turning and going to the door, revealing that Becky had been standing behind her, both of them totally naked.

John’s cock instantly sprang up as he stared at Becky standing there looking uncomfortable.

“Well, go on, silly, can’t you see he’s ready now that he’s seen you?” Kelly laughed, giving Becky an easy shove in the back, propelling her to the edge of John’s bed.

“Hi, Becky,” John said, letting a hand slide up her leg to cup her pussy. “Umm, you’re nice and wet, aren’t you,” John said as he slid a finger between her pussy lips. “Why don’t you sit on my face so I can suck your pussy for you,” he suggested, gently pulling her so that it was easy for her to comply and climb onto the bed, straddling his head with her pussy right above his mouth, facing his feet.

“Oh, god,” Becky breathed as she felt John’s tongue slip into her pussy. “That feels so good.”

“It tastes even better,” John managed to say as he caught his breath before diving back into Becky’s juicy pussy.

John happily slurped at Becky’s pussy, thoroughly enjoying his breakfast. He was definitely pleased, though, when he felt Becky lay forward and then his cock was engulfed by a warm moistness as Becky began to suck on his cock. Frantically she sucked on him while John kept his tongue jammed as far up her hole as possible, drinking the juices that flowed copiously from her pussy. He felt his balls churning as he built towards orgasm and at the same time fastened his lips on Becky’s clit, sucking on it and teasing it with his tongue, driving her wild as she spasmed in orgasm. Just as his balls exploded the door opened and Kelly slipped in, still naked as a jaybird, fresh from her shower.

“Oh, yeah, suck him, Becky, suck him dry,” she breathed, coming over to the bed and bending close to watch as Becky gulped and swallowed the mouthful of cum that she was sucking from John’s cock. “Hurry now, we have to get dressed and down to breakfast in five minutes,” she warned.

“Oh, god,” Becky gasped, lifting her mouth from John’s still pulsating cock. “I can’t.”

“Then I’ll finish it for you,” Kelly said, leaning over and sucking her brother’s cock into her mouth, using her hands to finish milking him dry. “Yummy. Now let’s go,” she said, pulling Becky by the arm off of the bed. “You can finish later.”

John just lay on the bed watching as Kelly dragged Becky to the door. He was pleased when she turned to look at him, a smile on her face as well as a trickle of cum dribbling down her chin.

“Thanks for the suck, Becky,” he said. “But I can’t wait to fuck you.”

“And you will,” Kelly said, “but later. See you in five.”

They all met for breakfast and Kelly had a hard time not bursting out laughing as she watched Becky squirming in her seat, knowing that she was just as hot as she was. They finally finished and gathered their school books and left, taking their bicycles and riding away from the house, but not to school. When they got to the corner they went around, stopping at a house that was directly in back of theirs, dismounting and leaning their bikes up against some bushes as they quietly made their way through the yard to their own home where John had thoughtfully left the window to his room unlocked and open. Quietly they snuck from his bedroom to the living room where they could hear and also see into the kitchen where Karin was cleaning up from breakfast.

“It won’t be long now, you’ll see,” John whispered.

And true to his word, a minute later the door opened from the garage and Becky’s father Tom stepped through.

“God, Tom, I’ve been so nervous,” Karin said, turning to greet him. “With Becky here all night I was just so nervous.”

“But why?” Tom asked, reaching for her, his hands going into her robe and parting it.

“Because of yesterday, of course,” she replied, shrugging her shoulders and letting the robe fall to the ground, leaving her standing there nude. “I talked to John about it but I’m not sure what effect it had.”

“John’ll be fine,” Tom said, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. “But I’ve got a meeting in 30 minutes so we’ll have to hurry this morning.”

“That’s it, just stop by for a quick fuck and run,” Karin laughed.

“That’s right,” Tom laughed with her. “Now bend over the table and let’s see that beautiful ass and pussy of yours.”

With a smile Karin moved over to the table and spread her legs wide, then lay forward, presenting her ass and pussy to him, which happened to be directly in line with the view John, Kelly and Becky had into the kitchen. They were all treated to the sight of Karin’s ass and bald pussy staring at them. John looked at Becky and saw that her mouth was hanging open in disbelief as she stared at the scene in the kitchen. Then her eyes got even wider when she saw her father drop his pants and his big stiff cock sprang out.

“He’s so big,” she whispered.

“I’m going to fuck him,” Kelly whispered back. “It’ll fit just fine.”

Then Tom stepped in the way of their view and they knew from his motions that he was fucking Karin, especially in view of the moans and groans coming from her. They watched in silence as Tom fucked Karin until finally he groaned and they knew that he had cum. When he stepped away from the table they could see that his cock was all glistening from Karin’s pussy and that cum was dribbling from her hole.

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Karin,” Tom said as he pulled his pants up. “Sorry I’ve got to run.”

“That’s okay,” Karin said, not moving from where she lay sprawled on the table. “I’m just going to lay here for a minute and enjoy.”

“Bye,” he said, bending over and kissing her on the ass.

John watched Kelly and Becky’s faces with a smile on his face as he saw the disbelief written there. Then he looked at his mother’s cum-filled pussy and knew what he had to do. As Tom walked out the door to the garage, John got to his feet, pulling his zipper down and extracting his already hard cock from his pants as he walked up to the table, his eyes locked on his mother’s cum-filled pussy. As Kelly and Becky stared in disbelief, John plunged his cock into his mother’s pussy without preamble, burying himself in one thrust.

“Oh, god, Tom, that feels just incredible,” Karin grunted as John’s cock filled her. “You just couldn’t leave, could you?” she asked as John began to vigorously fuck her. “Oh, yes, like that, just like that,” she moaned, her eyes closed and still totally unaware that it was her son fucking her.

In no time at all John felt his balls churn as the excitement of fucking his mother brought him to the point of orgasm. Slamming himself into her one last time, he felt his orgasm explode, cum pumping into his mother’s pussy as she clamped down on him, milking his cock as he dumped his load of sperm to mingle with Tom Henderson’s, Kelly and Becky watching.

“Jesus, Tom, that was intense,” Karin sighed, half rolling her upper body over to look back, her eyes popping wide open along with her mouth when she saw her son standing there, his cock glistening with their combined juices.

“John! What do you think you’re doing?” Karin screamed at him, scrambling to sit up.

“I’d say I was filling a need that Tom didn’t quite cover,” John said, suddenly unafraid, knowing that there was nothing she could do about it.

“You watch your mouth, young man,” Karin snapped at him, totally at a loss of how to deal with an impossible situation. “I’m your mother, damnit. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“Sure it does, just like you being dad’s wife and all that,” John replied. “Besides, you liked it and you know it. What do you care anyway? I mean, it’s obvious to me that you’re not in love with Tom, you just fuck him. Makes you feel good, right? Well, I’ve wanted to do that since yesterday and I just couldn’t resist. And I’m glad I didn’t too. Your pussy feels great.”

“This conversation is not going to happen,” Karin said. “You get yourself to school right now.”

“Suck my cock for me first,” John demanded. “It’s still gooey from being inside of you.”

“I most certainly will not!” Karin exclaimed.

“Sure you will,” John replied. “Especially since I’ll do the same for you too.”

“You’ll what?”

“Suck my cock for me and I’ll suck your pussy for you,” John said simply. “Don’t you want me to?” he asked, putting his hands on her knees and pushing them apart, staring at her pussy oozing cum.

“But I’m full of …” Karin began.

“Cum, Tom’s and mine,” John finished for her, letting one hand slide up her leg so he could slide a couple of fingers into her pussy, causing her to groan. “You going to suck my cock or not?” he asked, bringing his fingers to his mouth and sucking on them.

“God, he’s something else, isn’t he?” Becky whispered to Kelly.

“He’s the greatest!” Kelly whispered back as she watched her mother slide off the table to kneel in front of John, his wet, gooey cock sticking in her face. John stepped slightly to the side, causing Karin to turn so that she wasn’t facing in the direction from which Kelly and Becky were watching.

“God, I must be totally crazy,” Karin muttered, opening her mouth and letting John’s still hard cock slide in, closing her lips around the base after it had slid into her throat, filling her mouth completely.

“Oh, yeah, mom, that’s great,” John sighed as he felt his mother suck on his cock with her entire mouth and throat. “You really know how to suck a cock.”

“Mmmm,” Karin responded, loving the taste of all the cum and the feel of her son’s big hard cock in her mouth. “You have a nice cock, John,” she said, momentarily letting his cock out of her mouth before engulfing it again.

John just stood there letting her suck on him, looking over at Becky and Kelly every once in a while and smiling as they watched. Now Karin was holding his balls in her hand, rolling them gently around as she sucked on his cock. He knew that he would cum if she continued sucking on him but he just didn’t care. It felt so good! And then it happened, he exploded in his mother’s mouth, cum filling her cheeks before she gulped it down, sucking on him and milking him as she sucked her son off. When she had sucked every last drop of cum from his cock, even going so far as to chase the last little bit with the tip of her tongue in the slit of his cock, she gently sucked the head for a moment, then kissed it before letting him go, his cock now whistle clean.

“God, what a great blowjob, mom,” John breathed, staring at his mother’s face.

“Yes. Well, that’s not really anything you should have ever known,” Karin replied, a blush appearing on her cheeks.

“No, but I do,” John replied, offering her a hand as she got to her feet, “and now I’m going to learn about something else I probably shouldn’t ever get to know about too,” he continued, helping his mother to sit back on the table.

Taking his mother’s feet and placing them on his shoulders, John knelt in front of the table, his nose bare inches from his mother’s open oozing pussy. Karin stared in amazement as her son stuck his tongue out and slowly slid it into her pussy. She almost fainted with delight as she felt him glue his mouth to her and begin to suck and tongue her pussy.

John found himself amazed that he was sucking his mother’s pussy, especially since it was full of cum, but he was surprised to find that he really didn’t mind, that it tasted just as good. So it was with delight that he sucked and ate his mother’s pussy, feeling her writhe beneath his tongue as he sucked her clean.

By the time he had finished Karin had cum several times from her son’s expert ministrations. She smiled at his cum-smeared face as he got to his feet, his cock still hard and standing out in front of him.

“That was quite nice, John,” she said, shaking her head. “I never imagined that my own son would be doing that to me.”

“I like it,” John said simply, his cock twitching. “Can I do it again?” he asked, stepping a half step forward, his cock rubbing between her pussy lips.

Karin just stared at her son, his eyes never wavering, feeling his cock rubbing lightly between her pussy lips, teasing her. “Then it’s off to school, okay?”

“Okay,” John agreed, nodding as he leaned forward, his cock slowly sliding into his mother’s willing pussy.

They both watched as it slowly disappeared into her pussy, then John started slowly pumping himself in and out, seeing his mother’s pussy lips gripping his cock as it slid in and out. He could feel her pussy gripping and squeezing his cock and he marveled at such an ability. Karen never let her eyes leave the junction of their bodies where her son’s cock was doing such a marvelous job filling her hungry pussy. Becky and Kelly just continue to spy and watch, totally in shock by what they were seeing.

“Oh, I’m going to cum,” John groaned, pumping his cock in and out of his mother’s pussy.

“In my mouth this time, John,” Karin panted, trying to meet his thrusts.

“Now, now,” John gasped, pulling his cock from his mother’s pussy and stepping back as she sank to her knees in front of him, opening her mouth and engulfing his cock just as it exploded, cum filling her mouth as she sucked on him. She sucked him dry and clean and then got to her feet.

“Now, off to school with you and we’ll talk later,” Karin said.

“Sure, mom,” John said, dazed by the experience. “Oh, Kelly and I were going to go to the movies tonight. Is that okay?”

“Just be home by curfew,” Karin said, surprised how easily they had slipped back into a normal mother/son relationship, even though they were both still naked.

John pulled his clothes on, now unsure of himself, and left with a quick and quiet good- bye to his mother. Karin just sat there for a few minutes staring into space and thinking about what she had just done. Then shaking her head she got to her feet and went down the hallway to her bedroom to take a shower. Becky and Kelly took advantage of this to sneak out of the house where they met John down the street.

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