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Service – an erotic story pt7



“Oh, my ass?” Kelly asked, sliding her pussy back and forth on his cock. “It doesn’t hurt or anything, if that’s what you mean. Why, do you want to fuck me in the ass?”

“I’ll fuck you anywhere you want me to,” John replied.

“Well, I want you in my pussy right now,” she said, “but later I want you to fuck my ass for me.”

“God, Kelly, you’re something else,” John said, feeling his balls begin to churn. “I think I’m about ready to cum. Where do you want it?”

“Oh, I’d love to feel you cum in my pussy again,” she said, “but I’d rather eat it now, my favorite breakfast.”

“You’d better hurry,” he said as she scrambled off of him and turned to suck his gooey cock into her mouth, again lowering her pussy onto his waiting tongue. As his tongue slid up into her hole, John felt his balls explode as Kelly sucked on his cock. He lapped at her pussy as she sucked the cum from his cock, swallowing all of it and sucking him clean before lifting her head from his lap.

“God, I love the taste of your cum,” she said, climbing off of his face and turning to kiss him, tasting herself on his mouth and knowing that he could taste his own cum on hers. “But I’d better get out of here before mom and dad wake up,” she said, getting to her feet. “Thanks for the nice fuck.”

“Yeah, you too,” John said grinning as he watched her naked ass swinging as she left his room. “What a great sister!” he muttered as he got up.

They finished breakfast and said good-bye to their mother and began their ride to school. They were discussing the fact that they now had $2500 from a couple hours of fucking and how easy it was going to be to make much, much more when John suddenly slammed on the brakes of his bicycle.

“Shit, I forgot my homework,” he said. “I forgot it once last week and she told me she’d count it as not done if I forgot it again. I’ve got to go back and get it.”

“Well, you better hurry,” Kelly said. “I’ll see you later.”

John stood up on his pedals and began pumping as fast as he could for home. It figures that they were almost at the school when he had remembered. As he turned onto his street he saw a blue BMW that looked like Tom Henderson’s turn into their driveway. As John approached the house he saw that it was indeed Tom Henderson’s BMW. Curious as to why he would be here at this time of the morning, John quietly dismounted his bicycle and walked it up to the garage, for some reason not going into the garage as was his usual custom.

Careful to be quiet for some reason, John approached the door to the kitchen in the garage and noticed that it wasn’t closed completely, that there was a gap of perhaps an inch or so and that he could see into the kitchen and dining room table. What he saw shocked him to the core of his being. His mother was laying on her back on the dining room table, her hands holding her knees up and apart while Tom Henderson sat in a chair with his face between her legs. John couldn’t see his mother’s pussy, but he knew without a doubt, especially because of the sounds his mother was making, that Tom Henderson was eating his mother’s pussy.

Then Tom lifted his face and stood up and John was looking right into his mother’s pussy, spread wide open and red and puffy like Kelly’s got when he had been fucking and eating her. He saw that his mother also had a big clit like Kelly’s and now knew where Kelly got hers. He saw her hand drop between her legs and two fingers slashed into her pussy, disappearing up inside of her while she begged Tom to please fuck her.

Tom moved around the side of the table and held his hard cock out to his mother, who immediately opened her mouth and engulfed it, sucking on him while he began to fuck her face. John stared in amazement as his mother took Tom’s entire cock into her mouth each time he pushed forward, sucking him right down into her throat. He had a hard time tearing his eyes from his mother’s pussy with her two fingers sliding in and out, her huge clit sticking out begging to be sucked. He realized that he had a rod of steel in his pants as his cock got rock hard watching his mother. Suddenly he noticed what was so different about his mother’s pussy as compared to Kelly’s. His mother’s pussy was absolutely bare of hair. She had shaved it clean like Kathy Adams did.

He heard Tom groan and returned his attention to the blowjob his mother was giving him. He saw her holding his cock in her hand, the crown of it just inside her mouth with her tongue running all around it as gobs of cum shot into her mouth. Twice she had to close her lips on his shaft to gulp and swallow the cum that filled her mouth, but then she would go back to just running her tongue around it, her mouth open as Tom emptied his balls into it. When he finally finished cumming, John saw her close her mouth on his cock again, sucking like crazy, not allowing him to lose any of his hardness. She finally released his cock from her mouth, cum all over her chin.

“Now, Tom, fuck me hard, fuck me,” she told him, removing her two fingers from her pussy and using them to push the cum from her chin into her mouth where she sucked on them.

John could see her pussy gaping open, her clit hard and sticking out before Tom stepped between her legs and blocked his view. When he saw his hips thrust forward and heard his mother gasp, John knew that Tom had filled her pussy with his cock, and by the motions of his hips he knew that he was now fucking his mother on the dining room table. He could hear the squishing of Tom’s cock sluicing in and out of his mother’s pussy.

“Take your shirt off so I can see your tits,” Tom panted as he continued to fuck her.

John’s view was blocked but he could see his mother’s arms moving and then he saw her drop her shirt to the floor next to the table and he knew that she was now laying totally naked as Tom fucked her.

“Oh, yes, fuck me, Tom, fuck me,” she cried as Tom slammed his cock in and out of her pussy. “Do you like fucking my pussy, Tom?” she gasped. “Does it feel good?”

“Yeah, you’ve got a great pussy,” he replied, slamming his hips in and out.

“Are you going to cum in me?” she asked, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts.

“I’m going to cum all over you,” Tom panted, slowing down. “Would you like that?” he asked, slowly withdrawing his cock from her pussy.

“Oh, put it back in, put it back in,” she cried, lifting her hips to try to find his cock.

“Sure, I’ll put it back in,” he said, rubbing his cock on her swollen clit, causing her to jump.

“Oh, fuck me, Tom, fuck me,” she begged.

“At your command,” Tom said, thrusting his hips forward.

“Oh, oh, oh, my ass,” Karin cried out. “Oh, it’s so big.”

John realized that Tom had pushed his cock into his mother’s ass and that he was now fucking her. Her remembered watching Kelly get her ass fucked and also himself fucking Mrs. Adams’ ass and he just had to see for himself. Without thinking John pushed the door open and burst into the room, quickly moving over next to Tom and staring down at his cock sliding in and out of his mother’s ass while her pussy gaped open above it, her clit big and swollen and sticking out.

“Oh, god, John, John, what are you doing here?” Karin gasped when she saw her son.

“I forgot my homework,” John replied, his eyes never leaving his mother’s pussy and ass where Tom’s cock had not slowed down.

“Stop, stop,” Karin gasped, trying to sit up in spite of Tom’s cock sawing in and out of her ass. “My son.”

“I’m not done yet,” Tom said, pushing her back down onto the table as he continued to saw his cock in and out of her ass. “Your mother is one of the world’s great fucks,” he panted, smiling at John. “She’s beautiful and all three of her holes loves cock. And she can cum like nobody else if you know how to stimulate her the right way, like this,” he said, grasping her clit between his fingers and squeezing and pulling on it.

And indeed John watched as his mother writhed on the table as an orgasm swept through her body. He could see her pussy juices flowing from her gaping hole down to coat Tom’s cock as it slid in and out of her ass.

“Oh, god, no,” Karin cried as her orgasm controlled her body, Tom’s cock relentlessly sawing in and out of her ass.

“Here, John, you do this for me,” Tom panted, releasing Karin’s clit.

“Oh, god, no, please,” Karin cried as she watched her son reach between her legs and grasp her clit between his thumb and index finger, squeezing it and sending her over the edge again in an uncontrollable orgasm while Tom’s cock continued to pump her ass.

John loved the feeling of rubbing his mother’s big thick clit back and forth between his fingers. It was soft and hard at the same time and deliciously slippery. He saw her hole drooling juices and without thinking slid his other three fingers into his mother’s pussy. He was surprised to feel her pussy grasp his fingers and literally suck them in. He could feel Tom’s cock sliding back and forth through the membrane separating her pussy from her ass and his mother was writhing on the table as she came over and over again. He began to plunge his fingers in and out of his mother’s pussy, finger fucking her while he continued to manipulate her clit.

“Oh, god, I’m going to cum,” Tom groaned, and John indeed felt Tom’s cock seem to get larger through the membrane. John felt Tom’s cock actually spurt as he began to shoot cum into his mother’s ass, then Tom pulled his cock from her ass and began to shoot his cum all over her pussy, covering John’s fingers as well. John continued to finger fuck his mother, rubbing Tom’s cum all over her pussy as her orgasm too began to subside.

“Put your fingers in her mouth,” Tom instructed John, a big smile on his face.

Reluctantly John removed his hand from his mother’s pussy, cum covering his fingers along with her copious juices. He moved to a position at the table where he was standing right next to her shoulder, seeing her head back, her mouth open as she gasped for breath, her breasts heaving with big hard nipples sticking prominently upright begging for attention. Tentatively John reached out with his gooey cum-covered hand and held it just above his mother’s open panting mouth. As he did so a gob of cum slid from his finger into his mother’s mouth. He watched as she closed her mouth, swallowing it, then opened it again as she continued to gasp for air. John lowered his fingers into his mother’s mouth, feeling her soft tongue meet them, then her lips closing on his hand as she sucked and licked Tom’s cum and her own juices from his fingers. With his other hand John reached out and covered one of her breasts, his fingers finding and squeezing her hard nipple as she sucked his hand clean.

“Maybe you’d better get that homework you forgot and get to school,” Tom said to him, shaking him out of his trance as he jerked his hand from his mother’s mouth.

John ran to his room, grabbed his homework and ran back to the kitchen to get to the garage and his bicycle. As he ran through the kitchen he saw that Tom had moved around and was again feeding his cock to his mother’s sucking mouth. He couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed, and done himself. No wonder Kelly was the way she was, he mused, she was just like their mother.

He got to school in time to turn in his homework before the bell rang dismissing the class. He went looking for Kelly and finally found her in the cafeteria where she was sitting and talking with Becky Henderson. He couldn’t believe the coincidence. When Kelly saw the look on his face she knew that something had happened.

“John, what’s the matter?” she asked, staring at him.

“I’ll tell you later,” he said, not wanting to upset Becky or give away their secret.

“It’s okay, tell me now,” Kelly insisted, not having any idea of what he wanted to tell her.

“Oh, I think it should wait,” John advised, glancing at Becky.

“Becky won’t tell anybody, will you, Becky?” Kelly replied, turning to her friend.

“I promise,” Becky agreed, crossing her heart.

“I don’t think you want to hear this, Becky,” John told her, noticing how nice she looked sitting next to Kelly.

“Well, if you can tell Kelly, surely you can tell me too,” she replied.

“Well, it’s about your father,” John said in warning, both to her and especially Kelly.

He saw Kelly start when he said that and saw that she realized that maybe he shouldn’t say anything, but by now it was too late, Becky was insisting.

“If it’s about my father, I definitely want to hear it,” she insisted.

“You won’t like it,” John told her flatly.

“Well, that’s a chance I’ll take then,” she decided, frantic now with her need to know what John thought was so serious.

“Well, I warned you,” John told both of them, staring at Kelly and slightly shaking his head from side to side.

“Maybe he shouldn’t tell us,” Kelly said, suddenly not sure that she wanted Becky to hear what John had to tell her.

“No, if it’s about my father I have a right to know what it is,” Becky insisted, starting to become mad..

“Fine,” John agreed. “But I warned you, remember. When I went back to get my homework I saw your father’s car at our house.”

“So what? He works with your father. Is that so unusual?” Becky asked.

“Well, my father wasn’t home,” John replied. “But my mother was.”

“Well, he probably dropped something off,” Becky suggested.

“Yes, he definitely dropped something off,” John agreed, a smile on his face as he remembered. “But it wasn’t for my father, it was for my mother.”

“So what? What did he drop off?”

So John told them what he had seen, conveniently leaving out his active part in the fun.

“That’s a lie!” Becky shouted, jumping to her feet. “My father would never do something like that.”

“You think I make up stories about my mother like that?” John asked her, angry that she challenged his word. “I bet he comes by every morning before he goes to work.”

“You’re a liar!” Becky shouted at him, tears forming in her eyes. “My father loves my mother.”

“I don’t think this has anything to do with love,” John said. “It was just sex.”

As Becky started to cry, Kelly pulled her down to sit next to her, her arm around her shoulder.

“Look, maybe you’re right and John didn’t exactly see what he thinks he saw,” Kelly suggested. “There’s a real easy way to find out.”

“How?” Becky asked, wiping her eyes.

“Why don’t you spend the night at our house and in the morning we’ll spy on my mother and see if anything happens. We’ll be a little late to school, but that shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Oh, my parents will never let me do that on a school night,” Becky said, shaking her head.

“Sure they will,” Kelly assured her. “Just tell them you and I have to work on a project that’s due tomorrow and they’ll let you. Why shouldn’t they? They can’t suspect anything wrong is going to happen. You can call them from our house after school.”

“But what about my clothes and stuff?” Becky asked.

“We’re about the same size,” Kelly observed. “You can borrow some of mine, okay?”

“Well, if they say it’s okay,” Becky agreed.

“Okay, I’ll see you two later,” John said, hurrying off to his next class.


As John and Kelly and Becky rode their bicycles home from school that afternoon John was very reluctant to go directly home, not wanting to have the confrontation with his mother that he knew was due.

“I think I’ll go down to the river for a while,” he said as they neared their neighborhood. “I’ll see you at dinner.”

Kelly and Becky continued to the house where Kelly got permission from Karin for Becky to spend the night and Becky called and got permission from her mother.

“Where’s John?” Karin asked Kelly.

“Oh, he said he was going to go down to the river,” she replied. “He’ll be here for dinner.”

“Well, you make sure to go and get him so that he’s here in time,” Karin told her. “He should have asked me first.”

“Okay, mom,” Kelly agreed, dragging Becky with her down to her bedroom where they shut the door.

“I can’t believe that your mom and my dad did what John said,” Becky said when they were safe in Kelly’s room. “Your mom doesn’t seem like that kind of a person.”

“What kind of a person?” Kelly asked curiously.

“You know, like a slut or something,” Becky replied.

“Well, I don’t think that just because two people fuck each other that that makes anyone a slut,” Kelly observed.

“But they’re both married to different people,” Becky protested.

“That’s just sex outside of their marriage then, not being a slut.”

“But what if they really did those things that John told us?”

“It sounded like it was fun to me,” Kelly laughed, seeing the surprised look on Becky’s face. “Haven’t you had sex with anyone yet?”

“Well, no, of course not,” Becky said indignantly. “Have you?”

“Yes,” Kelly replied simply.

“You have! You’re kidding! With who?”

“I can’t tell you that,” Kelly said with a laugh.

“Did you like it?” Becky asked, curious now.

“Oh, I love it,” Kelly replied enthusiastically. “It’s the best thing there is.”

“Wow! Weren’t you embarrassed to be naked like that?”

“A little bit at first,” Kelly conceded, “but then it was no big deal.”

“Didn’t it hurt?”

“Just a little the first time, that’s all.”

“The first time! You’ve done it more than once?”

“Well, of course, silly. What do you think these bodies are for?”

“I don’t think I could do it,” Becky said wistfully.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m just too small.”

“Too small! We’re almost the same size.”

“No, not that way, down there,” Becky said, her hand waving in front of her shorts.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, even when I use a tampon it’s real tight. I think a guy’s thing would rip me apart.”

“That’s nonsense,” Kelly said. “Tampons are always tight because you’re not wet and excited down there. If you’re wet and excited it’s a lot easier. I even make myself wet to put a tampon in just because it’s easier.”

“You do! How?”

“I just play with myself a little bit, rub my clit, then it just slides right in, like a cock.”

“Kelly! You’re awful,” Becky said, falling on the bed laughing. “I can’t believe how you can say those things.”

“Look, we’ve got an hour or so until dinner, why don’t we go down to the river and find John. We can go swimming while we’re there too.”

“I don’t have a bathing suit,” Becky replied.

“Well, down at the river we don’t wear them,” Kelly told her. “Nobody ever comes there so it’s cool.”

“What about John?”

“He’s my brother, what could be safer?”

“He’s not my brother. I’d die if he saw me naked.”

“No you wouldn’t,” Kelly told her laughing. “You’d like it because he’d probably think you were really cute.”

“Not me,” Becky protested. “I know he doesn’t think I’m cute.”

“How do you know? How many times have you actually spoken to John about anything?”

“Well, I haven’t ever really.”

“Then how can you say that? He’s my brother and I know he’d think you were cute. Come on, let’s go to the river,” Kelly said, opening a drawer and pulling out two large t-shirts, handing one to Becky. “Here, put this on so you don’t get your clothes messed up,” she said, pulling her blouse off and then her shorts. “It’s a lot easier,” she said, reaching behind herself to unhook her bra, letting it fall to the ground as she pulled the t-shirt over her head. “See, this is much better.”

Becky just stood there with her mouth hanging open. She couldn’t believe that Kelly had just undressed like that in front of her. She felt herself start to blush as she had stared at Kelly’s breasts with her nipples hard on the ends before she had pulled the t-shirt down over herself where it hung to about mid-thigh.

“Come on, ‘fraidy cat,” Kelly teased, “we’re running out of time.”

Fighting the urge to blush uncontrollably, Becky quickly shucked her clothes off until she was standing in just her bra and panties. Kelly was sitting at her dressing table pretending not to be interested while keeping the corner of her eye on Becky in the mirror. She smiled to herself as she saw that Becky was debating with herself on whether to remove her bra or not, and when she saw her reach behind herself to unhook it, she turned around just as she was dropping it to the floor.

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